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Monday, February 6th, 2006
8:20 pm
Right ho
Time to firm plans.

Mazz, are you coming or is real life going to shaft you? We totaly understand if you can't make it.

Deeds, you are due in at 5.10 pm (just about perfect as I finish work at five)

Are we planning on buying early bird tickets? If we are we need to do it on line this week. Early bird means we get in at 9am rather than 11am but costs £10 rather than £5
I now think we will drive to Altrincham and get the tram from there, cheaper than parking in town and to get to Manchester for 9am we would need to take the 7.15 train which is just beyond a joke at the weekend!

Is there any food you don't like or can't eat.
What do you like for breakfast and what do you drink (tea, coffee, coke, gin, whatever)?

We could have dinner in Manchester on Saturday, there is a superb Chinatown and fab Curry mile. Plus all the restaurants in Altrincham (smashing tapas place and my favourite take away)

I bet you dollars to doughnuts that we don't end up going back into Manchester for day two, we could go do an icecream farm, pub lunch and a trip to Borders Books in Stockport as I put you on the train home ( my best friend is the manageress at Starbucks in Borders)
Or we might have such a fab time on Saturday that we do go back there, we can play it by ear.

Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
7:06 pm
Good old Virgin Trains!
YAY!...the return tickets from Manchester to Euston arrived this morning!....I'll say one thing for on line ordering with Virgin Trains....they're bloody quick!....This one is direct and our seats are reserved like the ones on the way up to Stockport....am counting the days - nay - hours now!...

Deeds xx
Friday, January 27th, 2006
7:48 pm
Yeah, yeah, I'm posting again!

7:18 pm
Dee dee, so if we get a train back Sunday, there's one going at about quarter to 5 from Manchester, for £23 each. It gets into London at 8, so that's not too bad (I could be home by 9.30)
7:10 pm

So, which talks do we want to go to? Obviously, Stargate SG-1!
Monday, January 16th, 2006
8:54 pm
Outward Bound Tickets Booked!
That's Mazz and me on the 14.05 from Euston on Friday 10th Feb. One change at Stockport and we should arrive at Lo Gralam at 17.11 barring any hold ups...we're on Virgin Trains and tickets are being posted to me. We'll sort out return journey when I get back from Cornwall on Friday evening hopefully!...

Yay!! Collectomania here we come!....is it February yet?...lol!...

Right off to pack my case for the wet and windy wilds of North Cornwall....*mwa*

Deeds xx
Sunday, January 8th, 2006
12:59 pm
GMex guest update:

Michael Dorn has cancelled, but Avery Brooks still attending.

Free talks include - Stargate SG-1 with Michael Shanks and Chris Judge; Red Dwarf with Danny John Jules and Robert Llwellyn, and an Andy Serkis talk.
12:55 pm
FF, DD, here we are! We can leave each other messages about Gmex here!

So far: DD and I have worked out train tickets and prices and times and things. AFAIK, we're getting a train from Euston at 14.05 on the Friday, changing at Stockport, and heading to Lostock Gralam. The train should get there at about 10 past 5. Hope that's ok... it's just that the tickets for that journey are £13.50 each.
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